Pro Planner Template Pack

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Have you ever wanted to create your own planner but don't have the time? Introducing my Life Planner Templates! It includes 36 planner pages already done for you so all you have to do is change the fonts, colours, add clip art or patterns, to make it your own!

With your purchase, you will receive a commercial license allowing you to use these templates to create your own planner to sell.

This planner template is based on my own best-selling printable planner that has brought me thousands of dollars in passive income. I sold it on Etsy and my own Shopify store.

This planner template includes the following planner pages

  • Yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily planner pages (Undated - you will need to add dates yourself if you want)
  • Expenses, income, bills, and budget tracker
  • Meal planner, grocery list, cleaning schedule, recipe card
  • Fitness progress tracker, water tracker, medical info, monthly workout log
  • Notes, books to read, to do list, birthday list

Formats included

  • INDD (Adobe InDesign)
  • IDML (older versions of Adobe InDesign)
  • AFPUB (Affinity Publisher)
  • Canva Template


  • You will need only ONE of these programs to edit the templates: Canva (free online software) / Adobe InDesign (monthly subscription), / Affinity Publisher (once-off cost)
  • You will need to have a good knowledge of using one of these programs.
  • You will also need to know how to install fonts on your system.

Sizes included

  • US Letter (standard paper size in North America)
  • A4 (standard paper size in rest of the world)

How it works

  • Purchase this item
  • Download it and unzip it on your computer
  • Open the templates in your chosen software
  • If using Canva, open the "Canva" folder, open the PDF, and click on the link to open the Canva templates
  • Change the fonts, colours, add clip art or patterns to make it your own. These can be purchased for an affordable price on Creative Market.
  • List your planner for sale on Etsy, Amazon KDP, or your own store. You can sell individual pages or a whole bundle.
  • Market it using social media and Pinterest

Free sample

Want to try it out before you buy? Download a free sample here  that contains 2 pages.

Other ways to use this planner template

  • Create a planner for yourself or a friend
  • Create a planner for your own business or a client's business
  • Create a physical planner to ship to your customers
  • Create a printable planner for your email opt-in

Terms and Conditions: What you can and can't do

  • You can't sell, share, reproduce or redistribute these templates as-is. You have to make significant changes to them like changing the fonts, colours, adding clip art, patterns, etc. When you're done, you need to save the planner as a PDF, JPEGs or as physical planner sheets.
  • You can't sell, share, reproduce or redistribute these templates themselves. I.e. you're not allowed to sell the actual Canva, Adobe InDesign or Affinity Publisher templates. They are still my intellectual property.
  • You can't give away the editable files in a giveaway or to friends/family. They are for your use only as a paying customer.
  • You can't sell, share, reproduce or redistribute any of the content on this website. The videos, images and text are my intellectual property.
  • Please note: mockups are not included. This kit consists of InDesign, Canva, and Affinity Publisher planner templates.

Buy now and start selling your own printable planner in half the time!

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32 page templates, members area, set of free clip art, 6 brand boards

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Pro Planner Template Pack

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